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Ductless Cooling Systems for Woodstock Homes & Businesses

So what’s the benefit of having a ductless cooling system in Woodstock? It can go where you go, including that unair-conditioned sun porch that always gets too hot, or your steamy garage workshop. They’re also perfect for basements and new room additions.

Carrier® single-zone ductless systems have a low-profile air handler installed inside your home and connected to an outdoor unit through wires and a refrigerant line. This setup eliminates the need for ducts and allows you to put comfort right where it is needed. Since they operate without bulky duct work, these efficient systems can help you even in older homes.

Your Exclusive Dealer

Lloyd’s Electric Co Limited is an exclusive dealer for Carrier® ductless heating and cooling systems, specifically the Comfort Series, the Performance Series, and the Infinity Series. Ductless systems are designed to work only in the rooms you need them to. Use these systems to target specific rooms and save money on your heating and cooling bills! Since they operate via wireless remote control, these systems couldn’t be more convenient.

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