A family run business serving local residents for over 7 decades!

It all begins with the Côr™ hub and mobile app.

Now you can monitor and control components of your home from virtually anywhere. This remarkable new system puts remote access to your thermostat, lighting, home security and more right in the palm of your hand. Optional add-on equipment and over-the-air software upgrades make this system highly customizable, expandable and future-proof.

Ready to Have the Smartest Home on the Block?

There’s seemingly no end to what you can do with Côr Home Automation. Each component works seamlessly with the rest to ensure your family’s safety and comfort – with no contracts or monthly fees.

An Eye on Your Home When Your Eyes Are Elsewhere

Côr Home Automation is the heart of a smarter, more secure home. This easy-to-use, professionally installed system teams three industry leaders, providing comfort, safety and security that you can take with you.

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